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School Health Services will promote health and wellness in order that students and staff may work in an environment conducive to learning.
The primary responsibility for a child's health and well-being belongs with the parents. Your school nurse is available to assist students and families with questions and concerns that relate to your child's health. Parents are encouraged to call the nurse (352-1712) for information and advice. The school nurse works closely with teachers and others to ensure that your child's educational goals are being met.
The school nurse collaborates with parents and others in the assessment process to help identify children with special learning needs. She may initiate referrals. The school nurse can provide the necessary link between educators and the medical community.


A cumulative health record is maintained on each child, K-12. This includes a required physical examination and a documentation of state mandated immunizations (RSA 200:38). A complete listing of immunization requirements can be obtained from the school nurse or your child's Primary Care Doctor.
Students who have not been fully immunized will not be in compliance with the law and will be placed on a "Conditional Enrollment," provided there is documentation of at least one dose of each required vaccine. The parent or guardian will be asked to provide an appointment date for the next due dose of vaccine from a health care provider. This appointment date shall serve as the suspension date if the child fails to keep the scheduled appointment. This process shall continue until acceptable immunization status is attained.
All transfer students must provide documentation of required immunization and/or a copy of the cumulative health records. A physician's report of physical examination is also required for all transfer students. Those students not in compliance will not be allowed to enter school.

Prescribed Medication

Prescription and non-prescription medication to be taken during school time must be delivered to school by the parent in the original container. Written permission from the parent/guardian must be sent to the nurse for any student who will be taking medication during the school day. Prescription medications require authorization from the physician. If your child is taking daily medication at home, please inform the school nurse. The nurse can monitor for possible side effects.

Health and Wellness

When in doubt about your child's health on any given day, please keep him/her home. Your child may be coming down with something that can be transmitted to other children. Any child with signs of illness (fever, rash, vomiting, etc.) should be kept home.
Children need fresh air and exercise. We expect that children will go out for recess breaks. Any long term request that a child stay in for recess will require a note from a physician. During inclement weather, the principal or the teacher on duty will make a decision whether the children should be kept in or out. A good rule to follow would be to always dress children for outdoor recess.

Mandatory Medical Exclusions

CHICKEN POX - For 1 week after the first skin lesions appear.
STREP INFECTIONS - For 24 hours after treatment has started.
The school nurse will determine when it is safe for the child to return to school.


In case of an emergency we always call the parents first. If parents cannot be reached we will call your emergency contact person. Please write an emergency name and telephone number on your child's enrollment card. Use the enrollment card to inform us of any conditions or problems we should be aware of (ex. allergies, asthma, hearing loss, glasses, etc.). If you are going away, please advise the school what to do if your child becomes ill or injured.