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School Counseling

The Benjamin Franklin School Counseling Program offers students many opportunities to excel socially and academically. The program is available for all children to help them develop to their maximum potential in both the social and academic arenas. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child.

Friendship Groups are available to all students to help them foster friendships and develop positive peer relations with their classmates. Friendship Groups typically meet once per week and provide students with an opportunity to meet with fellow classmates on a more personal level. As part of the typical school day, your child may be invited to participate in a Friendship Group. If you do not want your child to participate in a group please send your request in writing to our school counselor.

Classroom Instruction occurs in all classrooms grades kindergarten through five. The lessons address a variety of topics that include: Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving, Career Awareness, and Cooperation & Friendship Skills. Students are also given many opportunities for self-discovery. They are encouraged to express their feelings and to learn methods to express them. In addition, several character values are addressed as part of our weekly classroom lessons.

Individual Counseling is available to all students at the request of a parent. Children receive one-to-one counseling when the parents, teacher and the counselor feel that it is appropriate. Children can also refer themselves. Children could see the counselor for a variety of reasons such as for problems with peers, problems at home or difficulty being successful learners.

Consultation is also available for teachers and for parents whenever it is deemed necessary. Teachers and parents can consult the school counselor when they have concerns about their child's emotional and academic development. Parents may contact the counselor about the school progress, behavior management, social adjustment, health concerns, family problems, and for assistance in arranging referrals with outside agencies.

Coordination of the Standardized Testing Program is also part our school counselor's role at the Franklin School. This includes the state and district testing programs.

Transition and placement is another facet of the school counselor's role. The school counselor helps with the transition of preschoolers into kindergarten and the fifth graders into Keene Middle School. Also, the school counselor helps with the placement decisions.

Parents are invited to contact the school counselor if they have any concerns they would like to share about their child. Please contact our school counselor if you have any concerns or good news about your child that you would like us to know. The school counselor will set up an appointment to discuss any concerns and work with you to find ways to solve them.

Kristie Quail and Melissa Mucha are the school counselors at Benjamin Franklin School. Please call them at 352-1712 if you would like to schedule an appointment.