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Acceptable Use Policy

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Internet and Computer Network Policy

The Network/Internet is provided for the students and staff to promote educational excellence in our schools through resource sharing, innovation and communication. Access to Network/Internet services will be provided to users who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner consistent with the educational mission of Benjamin Franklin Elementary School.

You are responsible for using the Network/Internet only in the presence of staff or teachers and according to the following Network Citizen Rules that are listed below.

Network Citizenship Rules

1. Use all computers carefully and courteously

  • Touch the keys softly and with clean hands
  • Handle the mouse gently
  • Do not touch the screen
  • Do not change the settings or control panel
  • Do not attempt to gain access to the File Server or any unauthorized computer
  • Do not deliberately disrupt the computer network or damage equipment
2. Use school software on school computers and use it properly

  • Place CDs in the computer according to classroom rules
  • Follow the program directions and ask for help when needed
  • Report any CD problems to your teacher
  • Do not load programs from an outside source
  • Do not copy any school programs for other uses
3. Respect the privacy of others

  • Do not log in under another student's account
  • Do not open, copy or change a folder or file that does not belong to you.
4. Use the Internet and any other computer resource for educational purposes only

5. While accessing the Internet you must conform to any additional site restrictions that may be in effect. A user may not:

  • Send, display, or receive offensive messages, pictures or other media which is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or offensive to human dignity
  • Send, display, or receive hate mail, discriminatory or other antisocial remarks, or other information which is intended to harass
  • Employ the network for commercial purposes
  • Access the Network/Internet to play non-educational games, access personal e-mail, or for other nonacademic activities
  • Participate in any type of teleconferencing, blogging or chat without the permission of instructional staff
6. Users should be aware that there are people on the Network/Internet who cannot be trusted. Many people on the Internet pretend to be someone that they are not. Please be aware that this kind of deception is widespread and common.

So that you do not become a victim, you should following these rules:

  • Do not reveal your personal address or phone number or those of other people
  • Do not use another's password
  • There is no such thing as privacy on the Network/Internet. Someone else is always listening so do not share personal information that you might not want strangers to know about. Never send or keep anything that you would not mind seeing in the daily newspaper
  • Do not share personal information with friends who might carelessly share it with a stranger on the Network/Internet
It is the student's responsibility to abide by all rules set forth in this policy. Violation will result in immediate loss of access and will be referred to the principal for other disciplinary or legal action.